Which is Better: Raspberry Ketone or Acai Berry?

The mass media and health industry have seen an influx of health and fitness claims in the last few years. With no thanks to the Internet, these health and fitness claims sometimes spread like wildfire, but with no studies to substantiate them yet.

Both raspberry ketones and acai have not been completely subjected to human clinical trials yet, but both are popular in the mass media. Other popular health supplements include African Mango, Hoodia, and 7-Keto.

Raspberry ketones work on the body’s metabolism by encouraging the release of fats as energy source, enhancing the breakdown of fats into fatty acids, and, in general, raising body temperature so that you can work, whether it’s a work out or household chores. This natural way of warming your body up can be advantageous for an exercise regimen.

In short, raspberry ketones get you started with movement, and allow you to burn fats more efficiently. Raspberry ketones show some potential for aiding fat loss.

Acai berries have also been popular with the weight loss community. Acai berries are high in fiber and antioxidants. They are speculated to aid in weight loss by making you feel full, as well as providing your immune system a boost.

Acai berries have a different effect on the body compared with raspberry ketones, so it can be difficult to compare them. However, they can also be used together in order to enhance each other’s effect. While raspberry ketones give you a chance to burn your own fats, acai berries can help keep your immune system running – a requirement when you’re engaged in any activity!

You can find both acai berries and raspberry ketones in some raspberry ketone supplements, including Raspberry Ketone Pure. With the right dosage, as well as a lifestyle change and consultations with your doctor, you can get most benefits from raspberry ketones.

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