Raspberry Ketone Dosage: How Much Raspberry Ketone Should You Take?

According to experts, you can take a minimum of 100 mg/day before meals in order to maximize the effects of raspberry ketone on your body. You can take only a maximum of 300 mg/day, and only if you started at 100 mg/day, so that you don’t shock your body into a high dose of raspberry ketones.

Can you just eat raspberries instead?


How much should I take?

Sure you can! Raspberries are high in vitamins A and C, and contain a lot of anti-oxidants. Raspberries have a lot of health benefits to offer.

However, in order to get the recommended daily allowance of 100 mg of raspberry ketones, you also need to consume 90 lbs of raspberries – EACH DAY. That’s a whole lot of raspberry, not to mention a whole lot of spending!

Why just 100 mg/day of raspberry ketones?

This recommended dosage boils down to how raspberry ketones work. Raspberry ketones alter your body’s metabolism by increasing the levels of adiponectin, a fat and sugar regulating hormone. With higher adiponectin, your body has more available glucose that you can use for energy, especially when you exercise.

Raspberry ketones also encourage the release of heat from brown adipose tissue (BAT), a special kind of fatty tissue that provides your body with heat energy. Moreover, raspberry ketones increase the ability of norepinephrine, a hormone that breaks down fats into fatty acids.

At low concentrations, the increase in body temperature, and blood glucose levels would be ideal for exercise. Raspberry ketones, therefore, help you get the energy to exercise and allow you to use your body’s energy stores, so that you can burn fat more efficiently.

At high concentrations, raspberry ketones could increase your heart rate and blood glucose levels beyond what your body can manage. You could be jittery or feverish, and if you don’t exercise, you could be restless and unfocused.

So what should you do?

Always consult with your doctor before you attempt to incorporate raspberry ketones into your fitness regimen. Don’t overdose: always stay at a low dosage level, and up the level only if your physician gives you the go-signal.

Remember: raspberry ketones are NOT the only way that you can lose weight and keep it off. You need to change your lifestyle, and you also need to take everything in moderation, raspberry ketones included. This way, you can optimize the weight loss benefits of raspberry ketones.

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