Are There Any Safety Issues with Raspberry Ketones?

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) places raspberry ketones in the generally recognized as safe (GRAS) category. This means that raspberry ketones are not expected to cause any adverse effects in the human body when they are consumed at food levels.

This means that while raspberry ketones are safe, the danger is in the dosage. A lot of eager beavers might pop raspberry ketone capsules like candy, thinking that more pills will hasten the weight loss process. The recommended dosage for raspberry ketones is 100 mg/day, with a maximum of 300 mg/day. Beyond this, scientists are  not sure what raspberry ketones can or will do to the body.

Are there dangers to eating raspberry ketones?

For instance, since raspberry ketones can increase the body’s energy levels, high dosages of raspberry ketones might not be safe for those suffering from heart disease, asthma, and COPD.

In general, red raspberries are safe. However, red raspberries might act as estrogens, or take on hormone-like behavior in the human body. This might aggravate hormone sensitive conditions, such as various cancers and reproductive diseases in women. If you are suffering from such a condition, you might be asked by your physician to stay away from red raspberries in general.

raspberry offerAre raspberry ketones safe for diabetics?

In general, raspberry ketones increase the levels of adiponectin in the blood, which can help lower blood glucose levels. Raspberry ketones should therefore be safe, even ideal, for diabetics, since raspberry ketones help metabolism.

Some scientists have a different opinion. Raspberry ketones can help increase body temperature. This, in turn, might encourage the release of glucose as an energy source through the blood stream. If we follow this line of reasoning, raspberry ketones would be dangerous for diabetics.

So which side is to be believed? It is hard to assess whether or not raspberry ketones are safe for diabetics. Can you imagine a clinical trial where diabetics were divided into different groups, fed varying levels of raspberry ketones, and not told what they were taking? This double-blind trial might be the gold standard for medicine and science, but its ethical implications are staggering.

If you are a diabetic, consult your doctor before taking raspberry ketones. You might be asked to exercise more so that you can use up your blood glucose, and you might be asked to take more medications if you choose to use raspberry ketones. Always talk to a professional before taking any supplements.

Are raspberry ketones safe for pregnant women?

So far, it is not completely known whether raspberry ketones are safe for pregnant women. It can increase heart rate and release sugar into the bloodstream, which is safe for some women but not for others. Again, there are ethical implications of having a double-blind trial on pregnant women. While scientists are still debating on the safety of raspberry ketones, err on the side of caution by consulting your physician.

It is also not known whether raspberry ketones can affect breast milk, so if you are a nursing mother, talk to your physician before taking raspberry ketones.

Are raspberry ketones safe for children and teenagers?

The obesity epidemic is raging all over the world. Children as young as four have become prime candidates for heart disease and diabetics, and are already being considered for weight loss surgery. It is no small wonder that parents are asking if they should enroll their child in a gym, control their children’s diet, or give their children weight loss supplements.

In general, raspberry ketones should be safe for children and teenagers if the raspberry ketones are taken at low doses. There is still no study conclusively showing the effect of raspberry ketones on a young heart rate, on young blood sugar levels, and on young bodies.

As with all foods, supplements, and diets, always consult your family doctor before giving your children anything.

So what’s the verdict?

Because there are no human clinical trials on the safety and efficacy of raspberry ketones, you should always talk to your doctor before taking them. The same is true for any supplement: even with clinical trials, you are always advised to talk to your physician about any supplement that you take, because your body is unique and has unique needs.

Raspberry ketones have a lot of promise as a weight loss supplement. But they are supplements, not magic bullets. They are not meant to cure or prevent any disease, and they are not the be-all and end-all of any weight loss regimen. You will need to completely change your lifestyle by removing all processed foods from your diet, consuming only fresh produce, drinking a lot of water, sleeping well, staying away from stress, and getting a lot of exercise.

With a balanced, healthy life, you can reap the benefits of raspberry ketones to the fullest.

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